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Zachary Woolhouse

"I love YSI because it provides students and staff alike with an enriching, musical, and fun experience with the saxophone. We have truly built a community that supports each other in personal and musical growth. I love seeing our students leave camp with a fire about saxophone and a pride in what they have and will accomplish."


Evan Withner

"I love YSI because I have had the opportunity to see first hand how it impacts and changes the lives of saxophone students all over the state. Not only does it provide them with a fun and enriching musical outlet, a place to make great long-time friends, and a platform for building their sense of esteem and discipline, YSI provides an opportunity to grow students’ identity, as musicians, saxophonists, and people." 


This is our story...


The Young Saxophonist's Institute began in Houston,Texas in 2008 after The University of Houston no longer offered its own saxophone camp. Camp founder, Bob Eason, decided that rather than letting students go without this wonderful opportunity, he would start his own camp at Friendswood High School, his alma mater.


Houston Camps

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