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  • How long does camp last each day?

    • Camp is from 9-5 everyday, with registration opening between 7 and 8 on Monday. ​For larger camps, registration may happen Sunday evening. Your site coordinator will email you with details about registration leading up to the start of camp.

  • What kind of music do the students play?

    • Our wide range of music selections at YSI includes standard saxophone repertoire, band, orchestral, and choral arrangements, pop songs, movie and TV music, mashups, new music, and more!

  • My family is going on a trip and I can only be at camp for four days. Can I still participate in the camp?

    • ​Yes, you can still attend the camp!

  • My child has an appointment during camp hours. Can I pick them up early?

    • ​Yes, but you must communicate this information to your site coordinator in advance. For safety purposes, a staff member will need to release your child to you when you arrive. Students who drive will need to communicate with the site coordinator before they exit the building.

  •  Do I need to bring a lunch?

    • ​Yes, students will need to bring a sack lunch daily. We recommend bringing a water bottle to use throughout the week as well. YSI will provide pizza on Friday before the camp concert.

  • Will my child always have a teacher working with them.

    • Yes. We keep the ratio of students to teachers at 4:1, so every quartet has a teacher. ​In addition, every staff member undergoes a background check, ensuring the professionalism of each teacher.

  • Is it the same schedule each day?

    • ​No, but each day follows the same basic structure (sectionals, full rehearsals, master classes, etc.). 

  • What should my child bring to camp each day?

    • ​Students should bring the saxophone they will be playing in band next year, sack lunch, water bottle, reeds, a ligature, a pencil and notebook.

  • Is it too late to sign up for camp?

    • ​The last day to sign up for the camp is the Monday before the start of camp. For example, if camp starts on Monday, June 19th, the last day to sign up is Monday, June 12th. In addition, we will close registration for any camp that reaches capacity.

  • If my student ends up playing another instrument at camp, do I need to buy reeds for them?

    • ​No, we will provide reeds for students playing any saxophone that is not listed on their application.

  • How much is camp?

    • Take advantage of our early registration of $325 by signing up before May 15th .After May 15th, tuition is $365.

  • Where are camps being held this year?

    • You can find the list of camps here. ​

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