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Welcome to our video page! Here you'll find saxophone videos that we think are cool and educational; normally you would have to surf YouTube for these, but we wanted to make them easy to find. We realize that you might be tempted to watch these all day, so please remember to eat and sleep (and most importantly bathe) at some point today! *Not all of these videos are owned by YSI and their sole purpose is for educational use*

Adagio for Strings (Samuel Barber) performed by the Amstel Quartet
Tango Virtuoso (Thierry Escaich)
performed by the Habanera Quartet
Drastic Measures, Mvt. 2 (Russell Peck)
performed by the Seraphim Quartet
Nuages (Bozza)
Performed by Project Fusion
In Memoriam (Love)
Performed by the Kenari Quartet
Cape Cod Chips (Hiromi/Dundee)
Performed by the Kenari Quartet
Drastic Measures, Mvt. 1 (Russell Peck)
performed by the Seraphim Quartet
Back Burner (Ticheli)
performed by the Mirasol Quartet
Memory (Zarvos/arr. Mackie)
performed by the Kenari Quartet
Grave et Presto (Rivier)
Performed by the Amstel Quartet
Come Down Heavy! (Evan Chambers) Performed by Tim McAllister
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