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Cyber-Sax is YSI's effort to combat the lack of musical connection that is occurring due to the call to enact social distancing everywhere. Our goal is to create a platform where musicians around the country can work to enjoy music together. 

To make this happen in a real way, YSI is asking saxophone players everywhere to record themselves performing. These recordings will then be mashed together to create a collaborative video involving saxophones players across the state and possibly even the country! 

YSI employs lots of hour-waged teachers throughout Texas every year and the industry of teaching in this way is definitely taking a hit right now. Because of this, we are asking all participants to submit a minimum of a $5 donation to help support some of our teachers in this season.  

Getting involved is as easy as registering on our form to the right. Upon registration, you will receive an email from our team with music to record and further instructions! The deadline to register for this event is Wednesday March 25 at 9 PM

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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