Payment Options 


Payment is due at the time of registration. If you are unable to pay the full tuition upon registration, you may make two payments of $150. If you choose to pay via installments, the total amount ($300 or $340) depends if you pay the first installment before or after the early registration deadline. If you are two installments, simply select the first installment and then the second installment options.



Before May 15th    Early Registration    $300.00
May 15th and after    Normal Registration    $340.00

Cancellation Policy


A full refund will be issued if the date of cancellation is more than one week before the start of camp. If a notice of cancellation is received less than seven days before the start of camp, a $75 refund will be issued. If a student needs to withdraw once the camp has started, there will be no refund issued. YSI also reserves the right to cancel or alter some aspect of a program, including program itinerary, dates, location or duration, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or for any other reason. YSI is not responsible for costs incurred by a student’s family in preparing for a program that is altered or cancelled. Student and parent/guardian acknowledge that if student is dismissed or departs for any reason, or chooses to return early from the program, no refunds can be granted. Further, student and parent/guardian are responsible for any and all costs of early departure whether for medical reasons, dismissal, personal emergencies or otherwise. These costs include, but may not be limited to medical evacuation and costs, medical treatment, plane, train, taxi or bus fare, meals, accommodations, and compensation and expenses for staff that may accompany student. Parent/guardian should understand that staff might not accompany students leaving early for any reason on any part of their trip home. In addition, if parent/guardian cannot be reached when and if their teen returns home early, the Emergency Contact Person designated on your YSI application will be contacted for notification and communication purposes.

Allergies and Medication

All food and drug allergies must be listed on the application. All the food provided by YSI will be free of any and all allergens listed on the application. In the event there is need for immediate medical attention, the staff must be aware of potential drug allergies. All staff will have a list of emergency contacts and all student allergies throughout the week. 

Camp Expectations​

Students and staff attending The Young Saxophonist's Institute will be held to a professional standard. Any behavior from either party that is deemed unprofessional by the discretion of the Site Coordinator or Director will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the camp. Dismissal will result in one or both parents/guardians being informed and students being picked up at their expense. Tuition will not be reimbursed if a student is dismissed from The Young Saxophonist's Institute.